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Posted by on Feb-15-2014

Drug addiction is a very common issue in our society today. We only hear about it when celebrities die because of some kind of drug overdose, but in reality we have no idea how many people are actually suffering from this affliction. Drugs have become a way to deal with life for some people and it really is a sad thing. I don’t claim to know much about it except that it can lead to unpleasant results if not taken under control. I’ve read of the thing called rapid detoxification, I’m not entirely sure how it works but maybe some of you have come across that term. Maybe you can share your experience with it.

Be True

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Minimalist Mantra

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Asthma Problems

Posted by on Feb-8-2014

I read an article today in a magazine about people suffering from respiratory problems and how it is becoming really common. We live in a world where there is pollution everywhere and a huge number of the world’s population suffer from asthma, some were even born with the condition. I read about this guy who’s been having asthma problems since he was a kid. His doctor prescribed some advair diskus to reduce his asthmatic symptoms. I feel sad reading about these afflictions. I hope we can all just be healthy.

True Colors

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Lid Support

Posted by on Jan-25-2014

Have you ever experienced opening up an antique toy chest and end up accidentally smashing your fingers with the heavy lid? It’s not pretty. That’s why it’s always good to get a lid hinge or support. I found a good site for lid supports that sells lots of different types for a variety of applications. You can use it for chest hinges, doors, upward or downward opening flaps, etc. It’s perfect for lids that you want to come down slowly and avoid slamming or smashed fingers.

Searching For Answers

Posted by on Jan-23-2014

Do you ever feel like you’re just wasting your life? Like day after day, same old routine. What can we do to make my life worthwhile? What do we want, what makes us happy… what should we be doing so that it doesn’t feel like we’re just wasting away our limited days on earth? How do we find the meaning of life? What are we living for? Sometimes even if we do know what we want and what would make us happy, it feels like the world is freakin’ bent on conspiring against us, making sure we don’t get it. It’s like fate doesn’t want us to be happy. You wanna live life to the fullest but you don’t even know where to start. How do you do it? How do you stop the loneliness from creeping in? I have no idea. Maybe the answers are just around the corner.

Most Dangerous Risk Of All

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Posted by on Jan-16-2014

I recently stumbled upon a new thing (I know I’m super behind) and I think it’s really cool. I found out about mopeds! Am I lame or what? Anyway, I think they’re awesome. I like their look and I love the idea of bikes equipped with a motor. I’m not really into the hard core motorcycles so mopeds fit the bill for me. Now I want to look into cheap mopeds for sale. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get one.