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Relaxing Afternoon

angel on Mar-31-2011

I’m lying in bed, listening to the rain outside. I could hear the sound of the wind chimes as it sways with the cold breeze. I like the sound, it reminds me of my childhood. Then I put on some nostalgic music, and I start to let thoughts flow through my mind. I think of the things that happened today, and also the things that I have yet to do. See, it’s easy to lose track of the important things when you don’t pause and give yourself time to think for a while. Although sometimes I distract myself to avoid thinking, right now I just want to reflect on things. It’s a chilly afternoon, the breeze and the rain are lulling me to sleep. I really love listening to music and just relaxing in this kind of weather. I think I’m going to let my thoughts drift me to sleep.

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