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Archive for March 8th, 2012

Death Is Inevitable

angel on Mar-8-2012


Life is short. But there are people out there blessed with a long and fruitful life, some even way past the normal life span of a human being. They die of old age, and these people have lived a full life. Don’t you wish you could also die of old age? Imagine dying, where you just lie peacefully on your deathbed, surrounded by the people you love, and just ready to embrace death with open arms. Death is inevitable. We all die. But the manner of our death is a big deal to most people. Learning how to plan a funeral for your loved one is never an easy thing. It is such a painful and sad event, but we can make the process easier by opening our hearts and accepting this fact of life, and knowing that these people who we loved on Earth will be with God our Father in Heaven.