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Fall In Love…

angel on Mar-3-2012


Swisher Sweets

angel on Mar-3-2012

My friend just can’t get enough of those small cigars made in Jacksonville, Florida. He was born and raised in Florida, so that makes sense right? If asked what his all time favorite cigars are, he’ll definitely say swisher sweet cigars. According to him, he likes them cause they’re very mild, and they leave a sweet, satisfying aftertaste. He would go on and on and rave about how it has a unique blend of flavors and whatnot. Only a cigar lover can fill you in on the intricacies of cigars, but I actually like listening to him talk animatedly. You  know, that energy that people talking about things they love give off that’s really quite entertaining. Oh and personally, I kinda like the word Swisher. Just sayin’. :P