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Wedding Proposals

angel on Feb-22-2012


Have you ever been proposed to? Isn’t it the most romantic thing if your boyfriend thought of a really unique proposal to surprise you? There are those that do it on a big scale, like proposing in front of a large group of people. You’ve seen those proposals happening in sports halftimes, TV shows, or maybe in a crowded restaurant. You’ve seen how happy the girls look, and how nervous and excited the guys look. As a spectator, you can feel the happiness and can’t help but gush how romantic it all is, right? Well, imagine if you’re the person involved. Imagine the love of your life getting down on one knee asking him to marry you. Or imagine the love of your life saying “yes” to that all-important question, “Will You Marry Me?”

Some people get to have that beautiful moment, while some people don’t. Some people have experienced it a few times while other people are still waiting for it to happen. But whether you’ve experienced it or not, let’s admit it, a well-thought out wedding proposal certainly is one of the most romantic events that can happen in a couple’s life. It doesn’t have to be overtly grand, it can be as simple as popping the question using a piece of fortune cookie. The most important thing is the element of surprise. Sometimes, that makes all the difference. :)

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