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The One You Asked

angel on Dec-13-2011


Before, I asked God to give me someone special to love.

I found you then lost you.

I asked God why and He answered, “But my child, the one you asked for asked for somebody else.”

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  1. Amber (1 comments.) said,

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG. frankly, I just discovered it yesterday after putting search word ‘scorpio’ into google images.this is amazing and so true! I already have it bookmarked.and agree with a lot of this greatly.Thanks for making this blog! I really appreciate it.

    p.s. in case the search word wasn’t enough, I’m a Scorpio too.

  2. Nadia (1 comments.) said,

    woW, this is so true….. outspoken…. #dnt wory u will find the 1 that has planned for u….

  3. r_winn (1 comments.) said,

    i love it…everything have reason, so dnt loose your faith and your selt, be closer to him!!

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