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Career Change?

angel on Apr-27-2011

I’m starting to crave for a change in career. Okay, well I’ve felt this is already long overdue, but I think I really need to step on the gas pedal and make it happen! I graduated from a non-computer related course, but I got hired in a software company. So therein lies the irony. But now, I am looking for management jobs or maybe jobs in the retail, sales, or F&B industry? I wonder, can I actually pull these jobs off? It’s not that I’m not confident in myself, I just wonder how long am I gonna stay with these jobs. Hopefully, I’ll get to find out soon.

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  1. Karoline (1 comments.) said,

    Eventually the time will come that you’d have to take the risk. As to when it will be, only you can decide. Good luck!

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