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Interactive Teaching With Mimio

angel on Mar-6-2011


I was browsing the Internet for cool technological gadgets (I do this sometimes), and I found the mimio range of teaching products. Let me just give you a bit of an overview of their products. They have MimioTeach, it’s like an interactive whiteboard which makes it easy and engaging for the students as opposed to just the normal blackboard or whiteboard. They also have the MimioVote, which is an assessment system that is very convenient and cool. And another interesting product is the MimioView document camera which makes capturing of pictures and videos easy. This is good for class demonstrations and makes for a dynamic lecture. My favorite is the the MimioPad, which is basically a wireless tablet that allows the teacher to be anywhere in the classroom and still teach. He doesn’t have to be in front of the class at all times. With all these amazing technology for teaching, surely, these will keep the students awake and interested and give them a greater and more fun learning experience! Now, wouldn’t you like that as a student?

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  1. Matt (1 comments.) said,

    Technology in the classroom intrigues me – do you think students respond better to the material being taught if it’s presented in a more digital manner than plain old paper/plastic/board?

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  2. Peter Jellis (1 comments.) said,

    My school has one of these and they are awesome. It makes learning interesting.

    It’s about time multimedia is used in the classroom. At least if we get a biring teacher we are still entertained by the mimio screen.

    Peter Jellis’s last blog post..Star Defence

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