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Unbreakable Thread (A Poem About Death & Parting)

angel on Nov-6-2010


I cannot understand how two people

who used to be so close,

whose souls were knit

so tightly together

could suddenly

be parted

and stripped away forever

from each other’s arms

mere whispers

used to draw our hearts together,

but now even my loudest cries

fail to bring you back to me

how can it be?

how can you suddenly

be so far away from me?

must I accept your passing

as a fitting end to what we’ve had?

should I accept that from this moment

there will always be a chasm between us

one that I can never cross

to see you

and to be with you again

not even for a single happy while

have you really gone away

have you really left me

all alone

can’t you hear me now as I speak

can’t you see me now as I search the skies

for traces of your smile

O how I wish you could see me now

And how I desire that all this time

that I’ve been praying,

you’re really sitting there, listening

gazing at me

loving me

as you’ve always done before

How I pray

you have not really gone,

that you haven’t left my side at all,

not even for a short lonely while

That all the while I have been weeping

you’re holding out your hand

catching my every tear

that all the while I have been praying

you’re praying with me, too

and with all the angels

in whose company

you now walk amongst

Who knows indeed?

who knows?

maybe you haven’t really left

maybe the love we’ve had

has woven a golden thread

between you and me

a thread that shall remain

as surely as love remains

a thread that shall draw us together


and we’ll never ever need

to say goodbye

“The Unbreakable Thread” is indeed a poem of parting, of saying goodbyes, yet it is also a poem of hope, and of keeping what is worth keeping, of being comforted in spite of our sorrows.  It is a poem of healing, a poem of letting go of our bitterness while holding on to what sweetness is left in our souls by those whom God has blessed us to spend our most precious time with in this lifetime.

Source: itakeoffthemask.com

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  1. evil eye (1 comments.) said,

    Thanks for the poem. great work!

  2. swetha (1 comments.) said,

    very nice…just i need to pass it to my specila friend sindhu

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