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Boring Weekend

angel on Aug-3-2009

It’s been a stormy weekend, and what’s worse, there’s no electricity! I hate having to stay at home without electricity, because then I can’t do anything. All around the city, the lights are out, televisions are off, and people are only relying on battery powered radios to get updates on the current weather. It’s really a bummer when you’re stuck at home during weekends with absolutely nothing to do. I’d like to be productive as much as possible, so if I wanna relax, I want to be able to do the things I do that makes me relax… like listen to music, watch TV, play the piano, surf the Net, play PC games. But if there’s no electricity, I can’t do any of that. Oh well, at least I got to sleep for a while longer and I got to read untouched books. Hehe.

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  1. Bleeding Star (1 comments.) said,

    That sounds exciting! Living in Southern California we don’t get too many storms. I’d give some sunny weather for a storm anyday! Thanks for the post.

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