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Which Story Is Yours?

angel on Dec-2-2008

apic166.jpgLove is not always a fairytale. There are people who give so much love to those who don’t love them back. There are some people who feel so loved and find out in the end they are fooled. There are some who’s into mutual love but can’t call their partner as their own because someone already holds the title. There are some who gave so much love but the others won’t believe because they always consider your past. There are some who received so much love but can’t seem to move on from the previous relationship or others just want to play a game and choose their playmate. Now which story is yours?

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  1. swati said,

    All the stories…i have gone thru..tht to with jus one person…
    i gve love to someone..but dint get it back..
    i felt so much loved… but at the end i was fooled…
    i was into mutual lvoe…physical love.. but cudnt call my partner as my own
    i gave so much love..but the other did not believe it…considering my past always
    i love him so much…but he always stayed with his past..n playe a fool out of me..in choosing….not his future…
    m broke..m shatterd…

  2. Sunny said,


    I can feel what you may have gone through having experienced one a year back…They say …let love go…if it was yours it will come back…but it never does as in most cases it was just plain infatuation which lasts for a period of time and then the mind wanders off into something or someone else…But its very very difficult to just pick up the pieces and just carry on with your life as if nothing ever happened…Unfortunately we are all humans but sometimes I wonder is it really human to inflict so much pain to someone else who really loved you from the core of his/her heart and when the need was over just break off as if nothing had ever happened… I guess love is diiferent with different people.. Just saying “I Love You” every day makes no sense as these in the end are just sentences with no emotions attached to it…

    You think about the person every damn day and inside a part of you gets ripped apart…Over a period of time the pain may lessen but it never really goes away. You are left with a cold feeling inside and you wonder what wrong wrong you really did in your life to deserve this…

    I will end with a quote which has touched me always ….
    “”There’s a legend about a bird… that sings just once in its life more sweetly than any other creature on the face of the earth. From the moment it leaves the nest it searches for a thorn tree and doesn’t rest until it has found one. Then, singing among the savage branches, it impales itself upon the longest, sharpest spine. And dying, it rises above its own agony to out-carol the lark and the nightingale. The whole world stills to listen and God in his heaven smiles. For the best is bought only at the cost of great pain or so says the legend… But when we press the thorn to our brest we know, we understand, but still we do it.” … [The Thorn Birds]

  3. Sunny said,

    To add to my earlier comment… I have to say people who are highly emotional are one’s who get hurt the most… But ask yourself do you really want to be anything else but a sentimental & a romantic fool… I don’t inspite of everything that has happened…

    You know I will follow
    Anywhere the heart goes
    I will go until I know
    All life can be

    Love can hurt when you go
    Anywhere the heart goes
    Don’t you know it isn’t easy
    Being me

    I hold you inside where my love never dies
    And you will always live somewhere in me

    If you want to follow
    Anywhere the heart goes
    I will be here when you want me
    Any way you want me
    And good years bad years
    Would all fall away
    If I knew that your heart
    Would follow my heart

    - (Meggie’s Theme)

  4. Heart&soul said,

    My love story is one of loneliness. It’s a long story, as I’m not sure when it started and when it will end, if it ever does.

    I’m a cheerfull, confident and sensitive girl. I was born in a caring family and I have close friends who are precious to me. I love arts, plants, animals and I sure can say I love life.

    But I have a hole in my heart and sometimes I’m scared that it will never go. I’m 32 and I never had a boyfriend. Nobody could tell, ever, except people that I’ve known for years. Only a few of my friends and family know about it. It’s not something I talk about openly. I guess I’m kind of ashamed. The older I get, the worse it is.

    I have both men and female friends. I get along well with women: I’m not the competitive type and I’m a good listener. My male friends consider me as “one of the boys” when we talk about music and play videogames but I’m very feminine too and I get a lot of compliments. From intellectuals as well as from young punks. I’m a smiling person and men seems to like that :)

    I never had a serious relationship. Never did a man say to me “I love you”, in a romantic way. I dated a few guys but never long enough too call them “my boyfriend” and I’ve been dumped carelessly. I got intimate with some and I don’t regret it: I needed affection, as every human being does. There was one I loved one with all my heart but it was wasted. He liked me as a friend. Since he had drug problems at the time, I know now it was better that way. I know that I would have endured it all.

    I won’t go out with a man at any price. I have good values and a good temper and I go along with men that are alike. If the point was “to be with somebody”, I would have been married years ago! I need to love and be loved. What’s wrong with looking for the Prince Charming? He’ll be please to have found his Princess Charming too :)

    Nobody understand why it is: it’s like a curse. How can a sweet and smart girl never have a boyfriend? One of my friend almost cry when we talk about it. She knows how it makes me sad even if I don’t complain, though it hurts like hell. I try to think about all the other good things in my life. Except for my messy love life, I can say I’m blessed. But when I cry at night because I miss to be held in loving arms, believe me, I have to talk to myself otherwise I would go insane. Some days, I feel like a monster.

    I’ve been hurt a lot. Sometimes, I wonder if I should ever trust another guy and give him a chance to get closer. I can’t help but give a try. I’m a loving person and I will always follow my heart. Even if I don’t have a single proof that one day I’ll find someone, it’s worth trying. Maybe one day the bad dream will be over and the hole in my heart will be filled with love :)

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