Pounding Heartbeat

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angel on Nov-13-2008


Let’s always remember that sometimes, we just have to stop pushing ourselves to love or be loved by someone. Sometimes we just have to be alone to be able to think about what we really want in life… to be able to realize what or who will really make us happy. Sometimes it is only when we start loving ourselves that we are able to realize that real and lasting happiness starts from within ourselves and becomes even more complete when we share it with someone who truly loves us.

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  1. ronda said,

    I can agree with this one. The lessons have been learned… now I am waiting for what God wants for me still it’s a lonely wait.
    I really enjoy reading your writings.

  2. Metafora said,

    Well done excellent quote, totally agree wt it. World is just cant go around us all the time…….love all the quote inside your blog.

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