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Just A Cute Memory

angel on Aug-30-2008

looney-tunes-seat-covers.jpgI remember back when I was younger, I dated this cute guy who had just bought his own car and he was really psyched about it. I was psyched too, so he called me one day and asked me if I could come over and see it. I said yes, and when I arrived at his house, he was ready. He took me to the garage, positioned himself beside the car and pulled off the car cover to reveal a fantastic looking Honda. I gasped and told him it was really beautiful. That was before I saw the seat covers. I laughed out loud. It had a Looney Tunes character, and for most guys, that could be embarrassing. But he just shrugged it off, and said that he likes it, and he doesn’t really care. I used to tease him about it, but actually, it was pretty cute. It even made him seem more endearing for not being ashamed to admit that he likes cartoons. Hehe. As for him and me… the two of us didn’t really work out. We just weren’t compatible, but we’re still good friends though. He already has a girlfriend and the cute seat covers are no longer existent. Go figure.

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