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Electronics Talk

angel on Aug-16-2008

electronic.gifThere’s just so many technological innovations in this day and age, there are so many advances in science, technology, electronics… that it’s hard to keep up! Just recently, I was at the office and our technician was talking about electronic stuff. I don’t really know much about electronics but I listened in anyway. He was talking about DVD players and cables, and interfaces. Then he mentioned about HDMI. I was intrigued because that was the first time I came across this term, so I asked him what it means. He said it stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. I said, well, that sounds even more complicated. He laughed and proceeded to explain what it means. I can’t really relate to the things he said but I remember he said something about an HDMI wall plate and how it provides an interface between any audio/video source, like with DVD players or monitors. I found it really interesting, actually. Complicated, but interesting. Sometimes it’s just so unbelievable how people could come up with amazing innovations. I told him I’m not well versed in electronics and I’m not any good at them, but he told me that’s okay. I’m not the only one. Hahaha. How about you? Can you relate? :P

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