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High Tech Cheating

angel on Jul-27-2008

Nowadays, the world has become so advanced in technology… we have cellphones, Internet, e-mails, chat… so many technological inventions are being made. Don’t get me wrong, these are great things and they bring so much convenience to us, but apart from the wonderful benefits that we get from these technological advances, there are certain disadvantages as well. Like for instance, cellphones can be great tools of communication with our loved ones, right? That’s a good thing. But they can also be used for “not-so-wonderful acts” like cheating.

I know a lot of people who are victims of this. A friend of mine cried when she found in her boyfriend’s cellphone a text message from a girl saying “I love you”. She found lots of sweet messages in the guy’s inbox and that’s where she knew that he’s been cheating on her the whole time. Another friend of mine is complaining that when she’s with her man, she gets frustrated because he’s always on his mobile phone, texting… and when she asks who it is he’s talking to, he becomes evasive. Also, he gets furious when she wants to see his cellphone and he gives her a hard time about it, saying that he needs his privacy. Yet another friend of mine found out that her long time boyfriend was cheating on her when she browsed through his chat archives. Yeah… OUCH, right? If this has happened to you too, you’d know how much it hurts.

The thing is, technology has now become another “creative” means to flirt with other people or start and nurture an affair. Many people admit to using technology to fool around and become unfaithful. In other words, it definitely makes cheating a lot easier. With this reality, how are we supposed to trust each other anymore? It’s sad because this trend is becoming predominant in our society today. It’s scary, really.

Especially when you think you know somebody so well, and you trust that person completely, just to discover him flirting with someone else in the chat room or through text messaging. See, even to the most faithful person, the ease of communication that technology brings can be a real temptation. Anyway, who would know right? Chatting is so easy, you can just flirt away when your partner is not around. Or texting can be done anytime anywhere, right? It’s a very tempting thing to do with someone, especially one that you’re strongly attracted to. And it can be instrumental in the conception of an affair that is capable of ruining most relationships.

I guess no matter what we do, we can’t ever really put a stop to this trend. It will always be present, and the only thing we can really do is be careful and just be a wonderful partner to the person in our life. If he cheats, then it’s his conscience that’s on the line, not yours.

Life and love is complicated, and we can never really explain it’s every intricacy. Life can be unfair too, so it’s up to us how we use every situation to our advantage. Technology can make cheating easier, but we all still have a choice. It all comes down to whether or not we will allow a certain device to ruin our principles, and yes, our lives too. It all comes down to our personal values… are we really inherently unfaithful? Or are we just turning to these technologies to make our lives a lot more exciting? If you’re tempted to cheat, will you give in, or will you try to resist? We all have a choice.

Have you ever been tempted to cheat using technology?


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  1. Dark Matter (1 comments.) said,

    Actually,information revolution brings us not only convenience also way to reveal human deep-rooted bad habits,possessive,lacking sense of security,no confidence.

    Dark Matter’s last blog post..???????2009

  2. Hengky Irawan said,

    Nice article, and for those who caught his/her lovers cheating using text messages, phone calls, chatting technologies while you think you already do your best for him/her… don’t torture yourself, don’t beat yourself up, you should consider yourself lucky, that you found out what your lover made of (a piece of $h!t) and believe me, you don’t want to grow old with this kind of person.

    If your lover having one time affair with Tom Cruise or David Beckham or Scarlet Johansen or Pretty Amazing Handsome person with seductive romantic panorama etc, maybe you still forgive your lover, normal person would most likely surrender to those people temptation. (Just in case it actually happen and they overcome the temptation then you know that your lover is made of, take good care your lover)

    But cheating is more likely a routine activities, done and executed under a lot of consideration, and probably your lover blame you for your suspicion, and make you apologize for your love-based-act, and some cases draw out the ugly side of you.

    Cheaters is not worth a dime, dump or give cheaters to who they cheat with, they belong to each other, a $h!t and it’s bag.

  3. Dominique Spears said,

    cheating no matter what is not right so who ever is out there that is cheating stop it because its not funny and it hurts the person your cheating on and when they find out your gonna get yelled at and hurt and believe me when its all over your going to be the one feeling like shit

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