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Archive for June 28th, 2008

Orlando Vacations: Fun In The Sun

angel on Jun-28-2008

Have you ever been to Orlando, Florida? I have a friend who migrated there last year and she tells me that it’s a very nice place. It’s also a great vacation destination because it has lots of entertainment options and the place is bustling with activity. She told me that if I was the kind of person who love the outdoors (which I am), I’ll feel right at home there. Orlando vacations are so much fun and worthwhile, she says. There’s just so much to do and so much to explore. She even invited me to visit her place, she told me she would show me around and that I’m going to have the time of my life there visiting theme parks, museums, and of course, Walt Disney World. Just listening to her talk about these fun places makes me jealous and I’m so looking forward to visiting them someday.

Love Coffee?

angel on Jun-28-2008

Yesterday, I went to this new coffee shop at our place and tried one of their special coffee concoctions. Do you guys love coffee? Me, I love it. But I’ve always limited my intake of them. I especially love the taste and the aroma, and it’s always available at home and at work, but I’ve never really allowed myself to get addicted to it.

Some say coffee is good for you, some say it’s bad for you. There are health benefits and health problems associated with coffee. But the thing is, most people don’t really care. Coffee is popular with people who are always on the go, because they need caffeine to help them get through their busy day. It’s also popular with kids and teens, because they usually hang out in coffee shops with their friends. It’s popular with lovers, because having coffee is a common date activity. It’s also popular with young professionals and homemakers and dads. The list goes on and on.

Research says that coffee can reduce the risk of certain diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease, heart disease, gout. But also, it has negative effects due to its caffeine content. And those who drink it all the time have gotten so used to it, that when withdrawn, they experience an increase in anxiety and depression. For me though, even though coffee can have specific health benefits, too much consumption is not good. Once your system gets used to it, it’s difficult to stop. Too much of anything, is never good. Moderation is key. That’s why personally, I just drink coffee at times when I really need a little pick-me-upper. Other times, I simply avoid it.

Do you love coffee?


Invest In Some Quality Comfort

angel on Jun-28-2008

In my line of work, I sit in front of the PC for nine hours a day, five days a week. It’s an easy job but the problem is, my back gets stiff at the end of the day from sitting for long periods of time. Imagine spending hours just sitting and typing all day long. It’s not just my back that’s affected, sometimes my neck gets all stiff too and my wrist and hands are strained. There are some tips for proper sitting posture but I don’t really think it can help much with regards to the stiffness that my body feels. What could really help is a nice, comfy chair. It also helps if the chair has a high back rest so we can rest our heads and our necks won’t be as stiff. It’s a good thing our bosses noticed our discomfort so they bought us all comfortable chairs. I believe every company should invest in some good office furniture for their employees. If the employees are comfortable enough, they can avoid body aches and pains, and as a result, increase their work efficiency.