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Finding A New Love

angel on May-6-2008

Breaking up and learning to move on when you’re still in love is hard. But when you’ve accepted the fact that you’re relationship is over and you’re willing to pick up the pieces and start over again, you’ll realize that the hardest part is just in the beginning.

When you’re overcome with hurt and pain, it feels like you’re never going to find love again. Or you tell yourself you’ll never find someone as good as your ex or someone you’ll love as much. Some feel like they won’t be able to trust again. It’s all part of the moving on process… the uncertainty, fear, and worry. But it gets easier… as long as you know within yourself that it’s over and you’re not holding on anymore. Moving on is just harder if there’s something that’s holding you back. But if you’ve completely learned to let go, then you’ll be able to go through the healing process, and eventually find another love.

They say the fastest way to get over someone is by focusing on another person. Some say rebound relationships do not work, but others say it’s an effective way to get over a breakup. Regardless, it’s no use moping around for prolonged periods of time, agonizing over a breakup. Sooner or later, you’ll have to get back out there and start finding love again.

For some people, it doesn’t take very long for them to find someone new. For others, it may take a long time. A new love signifies a new start. And it’s always a great feeling, to be able to feel alive again, smile again, laugh again. Ultimately, life takes on a new meaning. Have you ever experienced this?


“Before, my fear was being vulnerable. The ability of another human being to possibly tear apart your insides at any moment was enough to keep me running. He, however, made my insides come alive, my smile become permanent, laughter more frequent. He took away my fear and gave me hope. But more importantly, for the first time in my life, instead of wanting to run, he gave me a reason to stay.”

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