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Tear Stains On My Pillow

angel on Apr-3-2008

tears-on-pillow.jpgLet me ask you guys, how often do you cry? Do you cry a lot? Do you cry over the littlest thing? Or does it take a lot to make you shed even a single tear?

Me, I like crying. Not that I like the reason behind it… it’s just a good outlet for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a cry baby or anything like that. I just see crying as a form of release, a way to cleanse my emotional batteries, if I may put it that way. Usually, after a good cry, I feel so much better!

I know people cry over so many different things and for a variety of reasons. We can cry when we’re hurt, we can cry when we’re happy. We can even cry when we’re angry! But you know how it is sometimes, when you’re just feeling sad and for some reason you just feel like crying? This is exactly what I was feeling last night. I was feeling a bit down and sad. I mean, this week hasn’t been particularly great for me. What with all the stress at work and handling personal problems, and not having a chance to unwind lately, I guess it all just sort of bottled up inside me.

So I went to bed with a not-so-good feeling. When I woke up this morning, there were tear stains on my pillow. Go figure. :P


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  1. Cha (5 comments.) said,

    I also experience that one. I always want to cry for no reason but there were no tears coming out. Then the next day, there would be tears stains in my pillow :)

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  2. emmyrose (2 comments.) said,

    Hi Angel, I’m a cry baby and there are times that I just cry for no reason, and usually I leave tear stains in my pillow :)

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  3. naomi (8 comments.) said,

    i also cry as a form of release…it makes me feel light afterwards.

    hello angel…

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  4. angel said,

    hi guys! it’s true right… it feels good to cry sometimes… :) thanks for your comments!

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