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You Come To My Senses

angel on Feb-24-2008

I picture you on the beach, lying in the sand
Out of reach of my trembling hands
I picture you in a car, blonde hair in the wind
I picture you in my arms, and the touch of your skin
The smile on your face, the way that you taste

You come to my senses
Every time I close my eyes
I have no defenses
You come to my senses
I cant stop this ache inside
I have no defenses
You come to my senses

Driving home in the cold January rain
Ive got to find my way out of this pain
I reached for you in the night, I dreamed of your kiss
I woke before it got light, with your name on my lips
Alone in my bed, your voice in my head

You come to my senses

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  1. Cmate (33 comments.) said,

    Love this song… much!

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