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Archive for July 4th, 2007

The Reason Why

angel on Jul-4-2007


What did I do,
Before the day I set my eyes on you?
Spending my time
Just working on the things I had to do
And then I saw your face
I was captured heart and soul
You gave me so much more

You’re the reason why
I listen in the night
And steal the softest kisses while you sleep
You’re the reason why
Tears will fill my eyes
Just looking at a photograph of you

Touching my frown
Tell me what you read between the lines
Everything’s alright
I know sometimes I act a little strange
You bring me so much joy
Conversations make me smile
How could I love you more

You’re the reason why
I speak with foolish pride
Whenever there’s a chance to show you round
You’re the reason why
I lost this heart of mine
At the very moment you arrived
I can’t believe this life was ever lonely
No I can’t imagine life before you

You’re the reason why
I’m holding on so tight
I never want to let this feeling go
You’re the reason why
My love will never die
My heart just could not sing if not for you

What did I do…
Before the day I set my eyes on you?

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