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Love Me Like The First Time

angel on May-16-2007


it was a rainy day
and i just got to thinking
of how our lives had changed
with all the years

this room was once alive
with all your laughter
and when i heard the silence
i called you right away
now please don’t say a word
hear what i say

oh, love me like the first time again
let’s pretend its never gonna end
for one last night
just hold me in the way you used to do
you know, love me like the first time and go

is it my imagination, are you lonely?
well i’m sorry but i thought you sounded sad
i’m not trying to start a fire again please listen
if you’re free at all tomorrow the next day who knows when
for the last time can we say goodbye as friends?

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  1. Gabriel (1 comments.) said,

    Thank you so much for your writings.. may you please continue to write as I feel blessed to read your writings that have touched my heart.


  2. imogen (83 comments.) said,

    Hi Gabriel! Thanks for your comment. Although i have to make it clear that I didn’t write most of the posts here. :) The articles I’ve written myself are under the ‘personal’ category.

    Nevertheless, I’m glad these articles have touched your heart. That’s actually the main goal of this blog. It’s a great way for me to share articles that mean a lot to me, in the hope that they touch others as well. So thank you for letting me know how you feel. Keep coming back for more reads. ;)

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