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It’s Too Late

angel on Mar-30-2007

300px-woman-in-white-logo.jpgHow does it feel when after 10 long years of being friends, you’ll just realize that you’re falling in love with your best friend? Painful, isn’t it? But it’s much painful when you’ll realize that the feeling is mutual but it’s too late for both of you… that’s what happened to Jenny and Albert…

Jenny never expected that what she felt toward her best buddy Albert could ever be more than just brotherly love. They were together everyday, they have lunch together after their algebra class, have snacks together. They share secrets, but there was one thing that Albert didn’t know about Jenny… that Jen was falling in love with him. Jen kept it because she was afraid to take the risk of ruining their friendship. When she’s alone, she would just write a letter for Albert telling him how much she loves him then she would keep it inside her drawer.

Albert always asks for Jenny’s advice or what Jenny thinks about the girl he’s courting. Then Jenny would just reply with an aching heart. “She’s pretty, you look good together.” She uttered those words with a smile, but a smile that doesn’t reach her eyes… she felt that her heart was cut by a sharp knife. Then Albert would then smile back at her and hold her arms.

One day, Albert came rushing to Jen’s house with a big smile. He told Jenny that he already has a girlfriend. Jen felt that all her dreams were shattered, her heart was broken into pieces… she wanted to cry out loud… to tell Albert that she’s loved him even when they were still young… but it’s no use… Albert loves somebody else… she came back to reality… she gave Albert a sweet smile and hugged him… wished him luck. Albert hugged her too, then invited her to celebrate with his new girl… but Jenny refused… she cannot afford to see her beloved Albert with another woman… it would hurt her terribly.. so she made an excuse, she said that she needed to go to the doctor for her monthly check up.

Then she left. She drove her car without knowing where to go… she was crying… the pain was so unbearable… she wanted to scream… Albert called her “princess” before… but that was before… everything would be different now… Albert has a new princess in his life… her eyes were full of tears and her mind was reeling with memories of the past ten years she shared with Albert… she didn’t notice the car coming towards her… then there was a big clash… then darkness….

When Jenny opened her eyes, she’s already standing in a corner inside a white room. She noticed Albert sitting beside a bed holding a piece of paper… Albert was crying… when she came close, she saw herself lying on the bed… breathless…. reality came to her… she’s dead… Albert couldn’t see her… when she looked at the paper, it was her letter for Albert… the one that she kept on her drawer! Then she heard Albert saying…

Jen… why didn’t you tell me what you really felt…? Why didn’t you tell me that you love me… I was just waiting for any sign from you… but you did not give any… i love you too Jen… since the time that i learned what love means, i already loved you… why did you leave me my princess….?”

Jenny wanted to comfort Albert… she came closer and hugged him but she couldn’t even touch him… her tears rolled down from her eyes… she wanted to ask God for another chance… another chance to live again… to be with his prince…… but it’s too late…

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  1. caitlin mei said,

    whew! what can i say? I guess… i was not like jenny because when i was still in highschool I had a bestfriend whom i’ve loved for years but i was afraid to tell him and during our grad ball i took my chance. unfortunately, he got mad at me and our friendship ended in an instant i was left empty handed, lost the man i’ve loved but i was proud of what i did. atleast i was honest enough to admit my feelings, i was strong enough to face the consequences of my actions. years passed i know someday we’ll see each other again i know things are different now but then again i am still honest that although exactly 7 years from now i still don’t have any regrets of telling him neither have regrets of loving him that much.

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